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BWServices is a professional search engine optimisation company offering expert advice on how to improve your web site's Google ranking and Yahoo and Bing ranking. If your site cannot be found on these search engines, you're losing business and income. If your site does not have a high ranking nobody will find you or your business unless you pay for sponsored links. E.G. pay per click services. We can and will improve your natural / organic position or ranking on all the major search engines and specialise in Google.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation will improve your web site ranking in the organic results, which is where most online business comes from. It is a fact that about 40% of people searching click on the first link or number one spot. About 20% click on position two but only 2% click on the sponsored links. Most people are now aware, and used to, the sponsored links and know they are trying to sell something and is not usually applicable to what they initially searched for. It is therefore imperative your site has to rank higher than your competitors, preferably number one, or they will get the business that you could have had. It is also a fact that most web sites that thrive on the internet get found from the organic searches, not pay per click, which can be very expensive. This is where SEO comes in, your site needs to be "search engine friendly" giving it a much better chance of ranking highly. A top Google ranking will bring more traffic and therefore increase your income or business in an ever expanding online marketplace. You have to stay ahead of your competitors or your online business will fail. You may have a better product, at a better price, a better web site but if nobody can find you then you won't sell your product or service online. Fact!
Why not get a FREE Report about your web site? We won't pester you with endless emails or phone calls. We hate spammers and cold callers! We will give you the facts and our prices then you can decide if you require our services, that's it, honest, no pressure selling. Or email us here - Contact.

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85% of people using the internet find web sites via the search engines. For that reason, it's imperative your web site has a high ranking. We can assist you to get the best possible ranking for your site. We have optimised numerous sites that have attained number one positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL. We can probably do the same for your web site. Everyone wants to be number one on Google and the best way to ensure your site gets found is to have it optimised properly. We are all aware it's impossible for every site to be the number one, but good search engine optimisation will improve your position, thereby increasing your hit rate, which in turn increases your business.

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Even though BWServices are a UK Based SEO Company our site has remained highly ranked by all the search engines worldwide since we started our business in 1999. If your web site has a high Google, Yahoo or Bing ranking then your traffic, sales and business will increase.

Pay Per Click (Adwords)

Most companies or people that get a web site think that is all they have to do to sell their products or service online, not true, in fact most online businesses fail because nobody knows you have a web site. The people looking for your product cannot find you or your web site unless you are willing to either go down the road of pay per click, (Google Adwords, Yahoo sponsored links, etc.) which can cost an absolute fortune, or optimisation, the less expensive option. I am probably the most competitively priced professional on the web, give me a call and check out my fees I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised. I can also give you details of previous work I have done. Contact Me Here for further information.

There is no reputable SEO company that can guarantee you a number one position. If anyone says they can they are not being truthful, they are just after your money. As a professional SEO company we cannot guarantee our optimisation will get your site to number one although all the sites we have optimised have achieved page one positions on Google and all the other search engines. We are not saying we are the best SEO company but most sites we optimise appear on the first page, for keywords supplied by you. Optimisation of your web site does actually work. We are not saying come to our company but we will tell you the truth, if we cannot help you, we'll tell you so, or advise what to do with your web site, before you pay get it optimised.

We can provide SEO services to improve your web sites' natural ranking position or you can use our Optimisation Tips to try and do the work yourself. We only provide services to improve your web site on the "organic ranking results", which most people use, we do not offer pay per click services. Optimisation for your web site will improve your chances of getting found. Of course you can use the sponsored links or pay per click, but this will definitely amount to a lot more than the cost of optimisation.

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